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21 April 2021

Paul's Olympic Story

Paul Murray and his supporter never thought it was possible to go to something like the Olympic Games - even when he lived just down the road. By having Changing Places toilets available at the Olympic Park, more people like Paul were able to be part of it! Paul's report said: “I arrived at the Olympics at about 10.30 in the morning. There were quite a few people arriving. There was much to see and there was plenty of entertainment there too. There were plenty of places to get many different types of delicious food. I went for fish and chips and I even got to see some of the events for free. I had a very good day at the Olympics, tiring but well worth it…and finally after a brilliant day, out I headed home.”

The Changing Places campaign calls for more Changing Places toilets in public places, so that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and others who need extra support can access the same opportunities as everyone else.

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