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20 January 2021

Why Not People?

Festival season is in full swing! We are excited to tell you about Why Not People, a members club that is hosting fully accessible events aimed specifically at people with disabilities. Event line-ups include music, comedy and dance from World Class artists. 

Without access to Changing Places, people are often forced between a choice of staying at home or using undignified and unsuitable toilet facilities. Sometimes, this even means being changed on a dirty toilet floor. We think this is completely unacceptable as everyone should have the same opportunities to access their community. 

This is why we are thrilled that our campaign sponsors, Aveso, are working with Why Not People and Mobiloo to provide a mobile Changing Places for The Troxy launch event on July 1st! The event will feature all sorts of acts including Tinie Tempah but the star of the show will be accessibility! Event and ticket details can be found here.

The facility will be available just outside of the venue and has a hoist and changing bench ready for people to use if they need it. The Changing Places will be accessible via a side door or tail lift and will be manned at all times. Please note, if you do need to be hoisted on the day, you will need to bring your own sling with you in your bag (see website for more information). 

If you go along to The Troxy launch event or any other accessible events then we would love to hear your feedback about your experience of Changing Places! You can tweet us @CP_Consortium #ChangingPlaces or email us at 

For more information

Why Not People.


Aveso (Changing Places campaign sponsors)


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