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11 July 2020

The Martin Jackaman Centre

Huge congratulations to Changing Places consortium member, Martin Jackaman who has been honoured by having a new day service for people with learning disabilities named after him in recognition of his work over many years. The Martin Jackaman Centre, run by Nottingham City Council, has opened in Aspley and includes a hydrotherapy pool - the only one for adults with disabilities in Nottingham. Martin, who grew up in Aspley, worked tirelessly at Nottingham City Council and across the country persuading developers to install Changing Places toilets in public buildings so that people with all kinds of disabilities can take full advantage of activities and opportunities in their communities and further afield.
Martin retired from Nottingham City Council in August 2009 but continues to work with the Changing Places consortium and has been leading the campaign for Changing Places to be available at all UK airports.
The Changing Places campaign calls for more Changing Places toilets in public places, so that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and others who need extra support can access the same opportunities as everyone else.

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