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10 July 2020

Sign of the times


It is always a great moment when we register a new Changing Places in the UK. We hope to reach the 700 mark later in the year and each facility is a testament to the hard work of the Changing Places campaigners, their family and friends. Our campaign sponsors Aveso have helped us to build strong relationships with many new campaigners and we know that there will be many more registrations in the future because of it.
But installing a Changing Places is only part of the story! Once a facility is in place we need people to use them. Good signage at the facility and around the building is essential for people to find the toilet, especially in a large place like a shopping mall or an airport. The press and media also have a role in promoting a new Changing Places as do the providers themselves via social media along with their own websites and literature.

Changing Places consortium members and campaigners are constantly promoting the facilities on twitter, facebook, on the national website and via our yahoo group forum to name a few areas.
You can help us promote the need for good signage at Changing Places venues by following us on twitter @CP_Consortium and sending in photos of good (and bad) Changing Places signage using the hashtag #showusyoursignage. We’ve added some examples below to get you in the mood………….



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