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20 January 2021

Monthly Report - July 2015

(Click here for an accessible version of this report)


New registrations
We’ve had some exciting registrations this month including the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and The Usual Place in Dumfries- both long term projects for campaigners and consortium members.

New Toilet Map
We are continuing to work with the British Toilet association to add all Changing Places to their new toiletmapper website. Once completed, the map will become a great resource for those needing Changing Places.
All toilets and photos should be in place by the end of August and we hope the site will go live sometime in September. Watch this space!

We have seen some high profile campaigning going on again this month via social media! Stemming from this, two of our long standing campaigners will be attending a meeting with Welcome Break soon to take the campaign forward at motorway service stations. The Consortium is also in conversations with Blackpool Pleasure Beach about the need for a Changing Places at their theme park. Keep your fingers crossed for good news.
National Trust
Thank you to everyone who has contacted the National Trust so far about Changing Places. Do let us know if you have a response by emailing or tweeting us @cp_consortium.

Social media
Our social media presence continues to grow and the Changing Places Facebook page (run by campaigners) now has over 7,000 likes, whilst the Consortium Twitter page has over 3,000 followers. Get involved and hit like/follow if you haven’t already.
Working with our sponsors
Finally, we continue to work closely with our sponsors Aveso and have two meetings later in the year with organisations and campaigners to make sure we are working the best way we can to get as many Changing Places installed across the country as possible!


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