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28 November 2020

Loo of the Year Awards celebrates Changing Places toilets

Loo of the Year 2008The annual Loo of the Year Awards ceremony, hosted by the British Toilet Association, took place on 5th December in Birmingham.

A UK trophy for best accessible Adult/Child Changing Facility was awarded to East Lindsey District Council who provide a Changing Places toilet in their public toilets at Briars Way in Skegness.

Other national award winners in the Adult/Child Changing Facility category were South Lanarkshire Council in Scotland, Ceridigion County Council in Wales and Knockavoe School, Strabane in Northern Ireland.

The Changing Places Consortium is delighted that these venues have received national recognition for their achievements and hope it encourages other venues to follow their example.

The overall winner of the 2008 UK Loo of the Year Award Winner was Asda Stores. The Changing Places Consortium is disappointed that this year’s overall winner does not provide a Changing Places toilet, which is an essential part of public toilet provision for to many thousands of disabled people. National and local campaigners have been lobbying Asda to install a Changing Places toilet for the past two years and will continue to do so.

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