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07 July 2020


Its World Toilet Day

Read Leroys' blog here:

World toilet day is a day once a year when everyone all over the world are talking about toilets. This is also a good day for everyone all over the world, whatever part of the world that you are in, to help promote Changing Places toilets to go international. People all over the world need to have Changing Places toilets.

There are places in Africa and Asia with no toilets at all because they are very poor and they cannot afford to have any toilets and the people who happen to live there have to go to the toilet in the open space. This is not right or fair.

There are early 1.5 million children under the age of five that die from diarrhoea globally through no fault of their own because their country is very poor. It makes me feel how lucky I am that I live in the United Kingdom which is much richer than places like Africa and Asia. There should be toilets all over the world, not just in places that can afford them.

This is right this is why World Toilet Day is very important as a way to promote toilets for all countries, not just for countries that can afford to have them.

It  is also very important to get Changing places toilets to go international and also worldwide so that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and people who are less able to walk will be able to use Changing Places toilets like the two that we have got in Germany, in Munich airport and city centre.

I hope that every country installs Changing Places so that people all over the world, wherever they are in the world, are able to find and use toilets that meet their needs. 

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