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07 July 2020

Cadbury World opens Changing Places

We are delighted to announce that Cadbury World in Birmingham has opened a new Changing Places facility as part of a major refurbishment project. In September 2011 Changing Places consortium volunteer Lloyd Page visited Cadbury World to support the installation of a Changing Places toilet at this very popular visitor attraction. Lloyd said after the visit: “I was amazed how big Cadbury World was and what an amazing experience. I enjoyed looking around the world's biggest Cadbury Shop full with different kinds of chocolate. The visit was absolutely Choctastic and it is great that the Changing Places toilet has now been put in!”
Over the years Cadbury World has grown into a large family attraction and maintains visitor numbers of more than half a million annually. We are sure that the inclusion of a Changing Places toilet will allow even more people to come along with their family and friends to enjoy this great opportunity. The Changing Places campaign calls for more Changing Places toilets in public places, so that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and others who need extra support can access the same opportunities as everyone else.

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