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20 January 2021

Flying high at 750! 

Stansted airport becomes the 750th (and 751st) Changing Places toilet in the UK

The Changing Places Consortium has recently registered two new toilets at Stansted Airport, making them the 750th and 751st registered Changing Places in the UK. As with all Changing Places, the new facilities provide a height-adjustable bench, hoist and plenty of space, meaning they meet the needs of the quarter of a million people who cannot use standard disabled toilets.


There are now a total of 15 Changing Places across 9 airports in the UK. George Best Belfast City Airport was the first UK airport to install a Changing Places toilet, with 8 others following in its footsteps since, including Gatwick, Heathrow and now, Stansted. The two facilities at Stansted are located in International Departures, one airside and one landside. Installation of the Changing Places toilets comes in addition to other reasonable adjustments the airport has made to increase accessibility for all visitors.


Rossanna Trudgian, co chair of the Changing Places Consortium, said; “It is fantastic to see another UK Airport install Changing Places toilets. This shows growing recognition of the additional needs of visitors and everyone’s right to travel. However, there are still many large public places across the UK that lack Changing Places toilets and therefore deny peoples rights. With the help of our fantastic campaigners, we will continue to fight to make sure every single one of the ¼ million people in the UK who require a Changing Places toilet, can access one.”


The facility was installed by sponsors of the campaign, Aveso, who specialise in the design and installation of Changing Places toilets. Lucy Hemmingway, from Aveso, said; “Aveso are delighted to have project managed and installed the 750th Changing Places at Stansted Airport. It is very encouraging to see more Airports across the UK embrace Changing Places but there are still now only a handful for disabled holiday makers to choose from. We hope that the installation of 2 new Changing Places at Stansted Airport will further raise the profile of these life changing facilities and strengthen the need for more Airports to do the same. Well done Stansted Airport!”


750 is another exciting landmark for the Changing Place campaign but the demand for these vital facilities is still far higher than the supply. With the help of campaigners, we need to keep raising awareness of the need for Changing Places toilets and fight to get more toilets installed across the UK so that everyone’s access needs can be met. Find out how you could get involved.

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