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21 April 2021


A washbasin needs to be provided in a Changing Places toilet. The washbasin should have clear knee space below the bowl, to allow a wheelchair user to comfortably use it. 

It is recommended that the basin is intalled 720-40mm above the floor.

A fixed washbasin can be installed in a Changing Places, but we do recommend a height adjustable model is provided. 


Installing a height adjustable washbasin is advantageous as:

The height of the basin to be adjusted to suit the user. The basin can also be moved side to side along a horizontal wall mounted track. This allows the user to access it while seated on the toilet or it can be moved away to allow space for carers to stand on either side of the toilet. 


  • The height can be adjusted to suit the user
  • It can be moved next to toilet to enable the user to use it while seated
  • It can be moved away from toiled to allow space for a carer to assist
  • It does not require power to operate
  • A range of different types is available


  • It can be left at the wrong height or position by last user
  • Requires some manual effort to operate

Always get good advice!

Your planned toilet is unique. Good planning and advice will help you:

  • choose the best equipment
  • ensure that it meets your individual needs
  • ensure that what you choose works well in the appropriate layout

Contact our sponsors Aveso for an accurate quotation for your facility

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